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Key Questions for Christmas Tree Growers

Here are major points to consider: 

  • Consumer demand
  • Distance from market and shipping quantities
  • Plant adaptability to site
  • Disease and insect resistance
  • Stock from proven seed source
  • Growth rate or rotation length
  • Operator’s time and commitment level

We suggest planting transplants of all varieties for direct field planting. Growers experience higher survival rates and shorter rotation lengths this way. However, good weed control can aid in survivability of bare root seedlings. The smaller seedlings should be placed in a nursery bed until they reach the desired height, then field planted.

  • Plant tree 1/2″ deeper than it grew in nursery.
  • Dig holes deep enough so roots are not curled.
  • Fill dirt loosely around roots and add water to the hole until it is about 3/4 full.
  • Finish filling the hole with soil and pack tightly to eliminate air pockets.

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